France Marine Energies
The Institute for the Energy Transition of Renewable Marine Energies

An institute well-equiped to support the ORE sector

A multidisciplinary team of 46 employees, four R&D themes, a model of public-private collaboration shared with seven other institutes for energy transition and eight technological research institutes: this is France Energies Marines summarised in a few figures. These figures outline the contours of an institute that is particularly well-equipped to support R&D in the offshore renewable energies sector, a key component of France’s future energy mix and of Europe’s action to build a low-carbon world.

A mission: to promote and contribute to R&D in the ORE sector

Providing, enhancing and nurturing the scientific and technical environment necessary to remove the obstacles facing the offshore renewable energies sector: this is the mission of France Energies Marines. This is declined along three axes:

  • Stimulate the competitiveness of the sector,
  • Increase the attractiveness of territories,
  • Support regional and national authorities.

Collaborative R&D and services are in the heart of the institute's activities

The Institute’s activities are mainly oriented towards collaborative R&D, including the carrying out of research work, but also the setting up, coordination and scientific leading of projects. Four cross-disciplinary and complementary research programmes have been defined: site characterisation, design and monitoring of ORE systems, environmental integration and farm optimisation. To ensure the sustainability of its development model, France Energies Marines has developed its service offer based on a detailed market analysis as well as the know-how and resources resulting mainly from R&D programmes. It is structured around four main areas: software engineering and development, studies and audits, instruments and performance, and representation and coordination. The Institute is also heavily involved in several cross-disciplinary activities whose aim is always to support the development of offshore renewable energies.

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France Energies Marines launched the RESCORE project in 2020. This 18-month project, coming from CoReD 2019, aimed to establish an online resource tool providing access to relevant information and other assets deemed valuable for the development of the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector in France. The result of this project is the interface you are currently navigating through.

This tool is intended to facilitate the choices of players in offshore renewable energies during the various phases of development, operation and dismantling of marine projects by enhancing and making accessible data, information and tools, including recommendations specific to the sector.

Initially, the RESCORE tool focuses on the results of the R&D projects of the France Energies Marines institute, then will gradually welcome data from other ORE players in order to become a single point of access that will allow the good development of the sector.

This platform will also serve as a support for products developed within the framework of R&D projects, always with the aim of offering services to the offshore renewable energy sector in France.